Pedro's Hide-A-Way Photo of the outside of the hot tub in winter. Photo of the playground at Pedro's Hide-A-Way.

Midnight Sun to Northern Lights, catch a glimpse at Pedro's Hide-A-Way! This Bed and Breakfast is a private, fully furnished log cabin available to you and your family for that vacation to Alaska or for a romantic weekend get away!

Photo of the interior of the Pedro's Hide-A-Way cabin.Felice Pedroni (Felix Pedro) was a young man from Italy who came to Alaska in search of his fortune. Now some say he was a drunkard, a rather wild man, and others say he was a brilliant prospector. Whatever the case, he had gold fever and was determined to find it. On July 22, 1902, in a creek 12 miles north of E.T. Barnett's Trading Post, Felix hit pay dirt and shortly after came the birth of a community we know today as Fox. Felix staked many claims in the surrounding area that eventually were patented and sold to private owners.

Over 100 years later, Felix is still a common word in the community. You can find a monument attributed to his honor at the base of Cleary Summit, just a short 16 1/2 mile drive from Fairbanks. Also tucked neatly in the woods just off Aproka Drive, we present Pedro's Hide-A-Way. A fully furnished log cabin, private, on 2 1/2 acres of land, available to you and your family for your Great Alaskan Adventure. Complete with washer and dryer, dishes, pots and pans; all the amenities of home.

Summer or Winter, Midnight Sun or Northern Lights, this is the ultimate place to be. A five minute walk from free gold panning, minutes from Mt. Aurora for some downhill skiing and a short drive to Chena Hot Springs for a relaxing soak in one of the many hot tubs! Whatever your pleasure, you are not far from it!

For the family, we have a playground built in the yard for those days you just want to "hang out!" Complete with monkey bars, places to climb, slide or swing. Or just lay in the pea gravel and watch the clouds! We have garden boxes surrounding the play area. During the summer we plant fresh salad greens, sugar snaps, carrots and berries that you may help yourself to, that is, if a moose doesn't find it first!

In the cabin, there is one king size bed, one queen size bed, and also one twin mattress in the open loft which we do not recommend for very young children or impaired adults.

We leave dish soap, laundry soap, coffee, tea, shampoo, crème rinse, soaps, body wash, salt, pepper and some spices at the cabin.  If you would like breakfast amenities left, there is an additional charge.

The Northern Lights Dance for me as I sink into the arctic spa. The warmth surrounds me like a
baby in the arms of Mother Nature. The sky fills my vision with stars and colored lights. The silhouette of a tree sits softly on the horizon. A twig snaps as a mother moose finds her way to the patch of dried willow buds. Fox, wolves and lynx let me know of their illusive presence by the paw prints in the fresh fallen snow. I listen and hear the sound of a grouse drumming.

Hail spring and summer of light, where the sun will never go down. With stars asleep, sunshine
fills the sky in the land of the midnight sun. The smell of the flower’s and lavender herbs now
fill the morning air. I breathe in the sunshine and hope the wild berries don't draw in a bear.

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